Progeny of Angels
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An energetically dark outfit.
The band are currently recording material and developing a strategy.

Their sound is powerful and at times impenetrable but combined with a beauty of imagination and lyrical maturity. Complex arrangements make up their compositions and it is an experience that should be investigated.

The history of the band is somewhat clouded and this mystery is by design. The active members of the group are all experienced in the industry and are working together as a sign of mutual respect for each others work. To avoid unwanted attention and stereotyping of their work they have decided to remain anonymous to the outside world.
Due to their desire to remain anonymous and commitments to other ventures, the band have made the controversial decision to remain a studio act only. Fortunately, Chemical Emissions has gained from this decision and we are pleased to have them on board.

They have chosen Chemical Emissions to be their channel to the music industry because we are a small independent record label who do not dictate or abuse the artistic freedom of our artists.